Anthology Bundle: On Revenge 1st Edition, On Sisterhood 2nd Edition

This bundle includes the EBooks produced from Like A Dove online writing workshops On Revenge (created and taught by Paul Tran) and On Sisterhood (created and taught by Melissa Lozada-Oliva, 2nd run).

About the class: On Revenge: Rewriting History | Reclaiming Power

We write to exact revenge on circumstance. This means setting the record straight, reiterating what might've gone ignored, or even speaking out for the first time against what attempts to hold power over us. Poets in this workshop will read work by Cathy Linh Che, Lucille Clifton, Crystal Valentine, and more to examine what "revenge" looks like. We will generate and provide feedback to new poems that employ formal techniques, such as image and persona, and see how revenge, more often than not, is deeply tangled with compassion, guilt, grief, and empowerment.

About the class: On Sisterhood

Sisterhood all at once keeps us connected, alive, & thriving. You escape to the bathroom at a party with your best friend to take a mirror selfie & forget whatever was getting you down that day. You’re walking home & receive a text that reads “lemme know when yr safe,” & feel warmer. A song comes on in the car & you’re all singing along & it’s like you could live forever. At the same time, sisterhood has it’s own complicated history, betrayals, and faults. Sometimes you are in love with your friend. Sometimes your friend is toxic but thinking of all the ugly situations they’ve saved you from, you don't know if “toxic” is actually fair to say. The line between admiration and obsession, loyalty and co-dependence, platonic and romantic love is fuzzy and shedding everywhere. Let's pick up the hairs & examine them deeply.

In this generative writing workshop, participants will produce pieces that celebrate and investigate the nuances of femme friendship. We’ll see how race, class, queerness, and gender identity work within the deepest relationships we keep. Expect to closely study the works of Ada Limon, Chrysanthemum Tran, Jess Rizzkallah, Olivia Gatwood, Zadie Smith, Emma Cline, & Matthea Harvey, to name a few. We will create mirrors, hold them up to ourselves and each other, and notice all the ways we really love.

This workshop is open to writers of all levels, ages, races & gender identities.

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