Anthology Bundle: On Dystopia & On Finding Joy


about this ebook: read the worlds created by students from On Dystopia, an online writing workshop with porsha olayiwola. dive into the universes we have created. welcome.

100% of proceeds from this product fund scholarships for Like A Dove online writing workshops.

about On Dystopia:

we have no choice in the people nor circumstance we are born to, but we make fruit of it. we are not the shortcomings of our last relationships nor the depression that seems to swallow us. so we outlive them. the world we reside in is chaotic: what a person can and shan't do with their body is decided at birth and by law, mercury is perpetually in retrograde, an array of humans are condemned with immediate death due to a lack of value placed on darker skin, and meanwhile, a land is ruled by a tyrant cheeto rampant on constructing a plexiglass and wire wall to encase and exile. this is not the setting of a futuristic imagined society, but one we currently occupy. often times, the worlds we find ourselves in are not set up for our survival, but perhaps, in this workshop, we can write a world that is built with our creative resistance.

rooted in afrofuturism, this cross-genre writing workshop will engage participants on intently examining the dystopia all around us. with a focus on social climate, families, and our inner most selves, this four-week writing workshop will use magical realism, sci-fi and fantasy to critique the dystopias we live through. this workshop will look at the work of Franny Choi, George C. Wolfe, Lucille Clifton, Suzanne Collins, mythology and other works as models and muse. participants enrolled in this workshop will write creation myths, odes, and explore propaganda literature and writing to carve out their own utopias. folks will be required to step outside of the tradition of poetry and into writing that is inspired by our experienced reality and born of our radical imaginations.


About On Finding Joy:

If you were asked to point to your joy on a map, where would your finger lead you? In a world fueled by capitalism, we are consumers before we are people - constantly being told what should make us happy. Commercials interrupt our favorite show just when its getting good only to promote the newest thing we don’t need; ads pop up while we listen to music and kill the vibe we were cultivating. Even billboards are trying to compete against the sky for our attention. Let’s not even mention those grueling seconds right before a YouTube video.

In this online youth writing workshop, participants will use poetry to uncover what brings them joy. We will explore the work of Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, Oompa, Jonathan Mendoza, and Olivia Gatwood and combat the idea that “art is created only in sadness” by fueling our creative energy with things we love.

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